Crimson Chroma Soundweaver for Audeze LCD4 & ZMF

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Using high quality paracord this cable is one of the most durable, flexible and lightest sets available.

The default wire core is the premiere Canare Quad Star L4E6S, with 40 strands of OHFC copper for strength and flexibility. 

This is a premiere balanced configuration outfitted Eidiolic Rhodium plated mini XLR headphone connectors and an Eidolic Tellurium plated 4pin XLR headphone amp connector. 

To combat interference the wire is braided in a a 4-round braid style throughout the body and then twisted after the split.  

This particular configuration is

  • Headphone: Audeze Flagship LCD4 
  • Connector: Eidolic Rhodium Plated 4pin mini XLR
  • Length: 5.5 feet 
  • Paracord Style: Solid
  • Paracord Colors: Crimson
  • Heatshrink: Viablue
  • Termination: Eidolic Tellurium 4pin XLR 
  • Solder used: Viablue premium silver solder


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Crimson Chroma Soundweaver for Audeze LCD4 & ZMF

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