Eidolic IEM 2-pin & MMCX Connectors


Eidolic IEM Connectors for 2-pin (most CIEM) and MMCX (Shure/Westone)

Eidolic IEM connectors are the new industry standard for durable, functional, and beautiful IEM cables.  Featuring a complete re-engineering of the popular 2-pin and MMCX connection types, Eidolic has solved the durability and fit issues that have plagued the hobbyist-grade connectors currently being sold, while allowing anyone to build enduring, truly custom cables for most in-ear monitors.

2-pin: With 0.78mm pins, this model fits the vast majority of IEMs - past, present, and future - including extruded, recessed, angled, and flush sockets, with excellent ergonomics in all cases.  The limited few exceptions are UE TF10 and Spiral Ears which require unique plugs.  The 2 pin plugs are a perfect fit for your Noble, JH, 1964Ears, and much more. 

MMCX: This snap-lock connector fits Shure, UE900, and the new Westone IEMs as well as anything that fits a Shure connector standard.  Not compatible with Shure full-size headphones, but will fit Ultrasone Edition 5, Romeo, and Juliet or similar. 

Universal barrel type.  Eidolic has engineered a single, simple barrel that securely fits an insert for the 2 pin and MMCX plug options.  Made of media-blasted aluminum rod stock lathed to our specifications, there is a beautiful dark gray Eidolic logo and decorative ring on each barrel.  Inside each barrel is a ridge stop that maintains the position of the 2-pin or MMCX insert so that it stays put in the proper orientation when assembled and glued.  We provide colored elastic rings which nest in the barrel’s engraved ring as an optional left/right label. 

Secure fit and subcomponents.  The 2 pin plug has pins CNC machined to a high degree of accuracy, for repeatable performance with 2 pin IEM sockets.  A groove and rectangular front profile allows secure fit into grooved and recessed sockets.  The MMCX plug does not suffer from the failings of cheaper MMCX connectors, which do not properly retain the Teflon pin insulation or the center pin itself.  Eidolic MMCX plugs contain internal retention notches which maintain the positioning of the pin without fail.  A beryllium copper locking ring securely snaps the MMCX plug into its socket. 

Improved dimensions and ease of assembly.  These connectors are slightly longer and slightly wider than existing IEM aftermarket connectors, allowing a variety of cables to fit and providing secure strain relief & protection of the solder joints inside.  Just solder, (optionally) secure the barrel with superglue or other strong adhesive, then back-fill with hot glue for strain relief.  We guarantee these IEM plugs are faster and more reliable to assemble than any previous connector.  The anodized aluminum barrel will not short the solder contacts in the event that it is in contact with wires or solder joints. 

Quality plating and machining.  Each tiny component is individually lathed and CNC machined by the best connector factory in the industry, responsible for today’s finest designs.  The plugs’ gold plating is as thick as dimensional specifications allow for maximum lifespan.  The materials we have chosen for the connectors’ contact pins are the best blend of strength and conductivity, reducing the incidence of snapped pins disabling your cables and IEMs, a significant problem that Eidolic has endeavored to move past.  The chosen insulators for these connectors are high-integrity, heat resistant polymers; they will not change dimensions or break down when soldered.