Luxurious Suede Ear Pads for ZMF/Audeze Headphones

With these pads from ZMF Headphones, every listening session becomes more enjoyable. They're made of premium memory foam wrapped in thick natural lambskin, perforated lambskin, or suede, with a hand-stitched design that provides a soft, pliable feel. The shape of the ear cavity is roomier than most ear pads for a true over-the-ear fit, and a firmer “button” on the bottom of each pad increases isolation and helps funnel sound waves directly into the ear.


ZMF Eikon Pads

  • 0.45mm-thick lambskin, perforated lambskin, or suede
  • Premium 6lb memory foam
  • Outer diameter: 4.3 in (109 mm)
  • Ear cavity: 2.83 x 2.1 in (72 x 53 mm)
  • Tallest height: 1 in (25 mm)
  • Shortest height: 0.75 in (19 mm)
  • Fits Audeze and other similar-sized headphones

ZMF - Luxurious Suede Ear Pads for the Eikon/Atticus/Audeze headphones

$104.99 CAD $109.99 CAD

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