[Add-on] ZMF + Viablue Tempest Storm Bundle!

We'd like to offer the ZMF Eikon and Atticus headphones first to our loyal Hivemind Cables customers!

And as an added bonus, ZMF Headphones bundled with our new Tempest Storm outfitted with high end Viablue splitter w/ Ferrite Core and 1/4" TRS connector at a fantastic discount! 

This is an add-on only exclusive - take advantage of this deal when pairing with the ZMF Eikon or Atticus headphones!

Length: 6ft
Headphone Connectors: Neutrik 4-pin mini XLR
Splitter: Viablue SC-2 with Ferrite Core
Amplifier Connector: Viablue T6s 6.3mm (1/4") TRS

    [Add-on] ZMF + Viablue Tempest Storm Bundle!

    $219.99 CAD

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