Join the Hivemind Cables Shure (mmcx) IEM cable Loaner Program!

Update: March 22 2016: Hey all!  Ok so the balanced Oyaide 2.5mm connectors came about a week ago, I've been super busy with a recent move so I've been trying to catch up with them this week. Once actual customer orders have been fulfilled - I will get to creating some fancy ass Shure connectors!


We're looking get some great feedback on our IEM cables so we're setting up a Hivemind Cables Loaner Program! Would love to involve both the Reddit and Head-fi community since I am an active member on both :)

Anywhere between 5 & 10 people in Canada and the United States would be amazing!

 To join simply reply here following this format:

  • Username (Reddit and/or Head-fi profile)
  • Country
  • IEM & related gear list 
  • Previous reviews/impressions you may have written 
  • Previous Loan Programs you may have participated in

 Heres an example:

  • Usernames: Reddit: jerrolds Head-fi: q2klepto
  • Country: Canada
  • Gear: Shure SE846, Macbook Pro or LG G3 Android phone
  • Reviews: HE-400i vs HE-400i:
  • Loaner Programs: Oppo PM1, Oppo PM3, VE Zen & Asura, Aune X1S

Some information on the Hivemind Cables Reddit/Head-fi Loaner Program:

  1. The cables will be Shure style (mmcx) iem cables.  There will be 3 (or 4) models based on the Hydra, Chroma Soundweaver, Silver Truthseeker. All shipped together.
  2. Redditors must have at least 100 comment and 150 link karma to participate. Head-fiers must have at least 5 reputation and 50 post count
  3. Each participant will have the cables for 2 weeks for review & impressions, then must ship (at their cost) to the next participant on the list. 
  4. If at any point there is a break in the chain (loaners are lost or stolen), the Loaner Program may end - so please be cool :) 
  5. Impressions and/or Reviews posted on your favourite community are GREATLY appreciated but not mandatory
  6. Also, feel free to comment with any ideas you might have that'll make for good custom IEM cables!

Thanks so much for participating!

Hivemind Cables


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  • Jamie Harris Pedersen says...

    Username : Reddit: Blommen / : Blommen
    Country : Denmark
    Gear : Aurisonics Bravo Forte, Custom art Ei. xx, Fiio X7 and HTC m8
    Reviews : none
    Loaner Programs: none

    February 05, 2016

  • bagels says...

    Usernames: Reddit: they_have_bagels Head-fi: sq3rjick
    Country: United States
    Gear: Shure SE846/535/425/315/215 (MMCX), MacBook Pro (Leckerton Audio UHA-6S.mkii, CEntrance HiFi-M8), Galaxy Note 3, Onkyo DP-X1
    Reviews: Noble K10 —
    Loaner Programs: None so far, but want to start!

    February 04, 2016

  • jacq says...

    Usernames: Reddit: jjacq Head-fi: jjacq
    Country: USA
    Gear: Shure SE846, AK240, Schiit Mjolnir 2, Chord Mojo, RSA Intruder
    Loaner Programs: Oppo PM2, Oppo PM3, Aune B1, Fiio X7, CustomArt IEM line, FiiO X5ii, ZMF Omni

    February 04, 2016

  • jerrolds says...

    Usernames: Reddit: jerrolds Head-fi: q2klepto
    Country: Canada
    Gear: Shure SE846, Macbook Pro or LG G3 Android phone
    Reviews: HE-400i vs HE-400i:
    Loaner Programs: Oppo PM1, Oppo PM3, VE Zen & Asura, Aune X1S

    February 02, 2016

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